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Daeryl Holzer photoDaeryl Holzer is a clairvoyant and down-to-earth spiritual teacher. Through her heart and soul connection to Spirit, she has overcome many of life’s ordeals and now focuses on helping others. Through years of Clairvoyant sessions and workshops, she developed the SoulShift Healing Process, which she teaches throughout the US and in Japan.

Using her skills as an artist and writer, she is constantly working on new projects to provide greater understanding as well as tools for personal empowerment. For more information about Daeryl’s services, visit

Opening A Window To The Soul cover image
Opening A Window To The Soul:
A Guide to Living Beyond the Human Drama

Spirit-guided insights providing awareness of soul perspective and practical tools for overcoming challenges. Available at events, and online in print and kindle versions. Click on image for details.


Making Magic With Mandalas

Draw into your life the energy of your vision. Six full-page images to color as you focus your intentions. Available at events and online. Click on image for details.


Mandala Meditation Cards

Eight mandala images to help you focus on positive energy and improve your daily life. Includes affirmations. Available at events and online. Click on image for details.

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